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Performance Training

Daily Performance and Skills training include

  • Active Dynamic Warm Up
  • Movement (Max Speed, Acceleration, Multi-Direction, Skills)
  • Strength and Power
  • Conditioning
  • Cool Down and Stretch
  • Focus on proper technique throughout the training session
  • Maximize your Potential

TKO Sports offers performance training for all sports and offers football skills training,  speed and agility camps, combine prep training, small group training, one on one individual training and team training.  TKO Sports staff consists of Certified Performance Trainers, former professional athletes, and exercise science majors. Regardless of the training you select, our goal is to develop athletes physically and mentally to reach their full potential in their respective sports. Below are a list of our youth training groups.

Youth group (ages are 7 to 11)

This group concentrates on mastering the different movements that TKO Sports offers while increasing coordination, balance, confidence and core strength.  Repetition is key with our students at this age so that they will gain muscle memory that allows them to perform at their highest.  This group also gets a healthy dose of fun activities to keep the students interested.

Pro 1 (ages 12 to 14)

At this point, Pro 1 students  have mastered the movement offered at TKO Sports and they are starting to develop strength training through our functional strength training program.  Students are continuing to increase multi directional and linear speed to help them perform in any sport.

Pro 2 (ages 15 – 18)

This group of students are predominantly high schoolers that are wanting to take their athleticism to the highest level and are focused on being the best athlete they can be.  TKO Sports assist by providing an intense high tempo performance training model that will allow this group to reach their full potential in their respective sport through increasing speed, power and agility and reaction time. TKO Sports training model is designed to ignite the B2 quick twitch fibers to enable an athlete to react much quicker and to be explosive.